Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dear National Retail Chain,

When I fell in your store three years ago, I had hoped things wouldn’t have to be drawn out longer then an elephant pregnancy.

I had hoped you would do the right thing. Compensate me fairly for the injury I sustained because of your lack of observation and maintenance.

I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to retain legal counsel.

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to be deposed.

I had hoped this would never make it to court.

Apparently I was way off target in my hopes.

Apparently you like to treat your customers like shit, and take advantage of them. You like to belittle them, and then tell them to lie about how they sustained injury, because, “the insurance company makes enough money, they don’t have to know”.

And now, you have the nerve to tell me that I didn’t need surgery to fix the injury the fall in your store caused. You have the nerve to call me a liar. And you offer not even the amount the insurance paid out to have my injury fixed!!!!!

I have two things and two things only to say to you, National Retail Chain, Fuck you.


Feeling really screwed over and now I refuse to shop in your stor

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