Saturday, September 01, 2007

September Already?????

How is that even possible?

It seems like just yesterday it was January. This year is going too fast for me. Hmmpppff.

I had an awful dream last night. I am actually surprised I remember any of it, as normally with Ambien I don't remember a thing. I was being chased by zombies. Really scary zombies.

I hate zombies. In fact the only zombie movie I like is Shawn of the Dead. It is funny and a little scary, but not so much I want to pee my pants.

So that I had a freaking dream with zombies, really freaks me the hell out. I mean it was very real. The blood, the being chased, the trying to hide. I hate bad dreams.

In other assorted non interesting to you, but
interesting to me news, I have bangs. A couple weeks ago I got tired of my hair, and cut some bangs in.

Rob loves it.

My neighbors says it is cute.

Phred? Not sure.

He won't commit one way or the other, so I am thinking that is a NOOOOOOOOO. However he won't come right out and say it. Heh.

Oh well. I like it. Makes my forehead not look huge, or weird.

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mom to four sons said...

You look great~~
I think you look younger.