Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy Days, Crazy Days

The past week has been more then crazy. Exhausting is one word to describe it. Add to it, changing meds in the middle of all of that, and you have one tired me.

I was so tired, that Sunday, I took about 6 hours worth of naps. I don't nap. Ever. Unless I am ill. I have been in no particular order, nauseated, tired, achy, head achy, and mostly just discombobulated. So very weird. It was like being on speed except that I was so tired.

I am trying to lose weight because I am quickly becoming zaftig in nature. And it mostly sucks. Last week I didn't really eat, and I lost a pound. As of this morning, I gained that pound back, plus one. Tell me how someone who is not eating, because they feel like barfing 24/7 can put weight on? How is it possible? My ass is getting huge, and I am so very unhappy that it is seriously effecting me.

I have been snappy too. I swear this med change has been harder than I expected. And it mostly sucks.

Oh yeah, irony of irony, one of the side effects from this particular med, is growing breasts. Now if you know me, you would know that my knockers are mammoth in size. I found this side effect to be funny when I read about it. I told Rob. I told Phred. I laughed, because I thought, no way. Mine are huge enough. Well, damn it, they are getting bigger. They have gotten fuller on the sides and top. I could cry.

Sigh. It is never, ever boring, let me tell you!

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