Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Life This Week, Maybe The Next Couple Weeks...

So here has been my week:

Monday, we (my sister in law)go out to grandpa's. We make sure he eats, we get him to do his leg exercises, and go for his walk. He goes down for a nap, because by this time he is exhausted. We chat while he sleeps. Little did we know that this would be the only day we could do this.

He wakes, we cook him lunch, give him his meds, and get him ready to go to the eye doctor. We get him in the van with his heart teddy bear, protecting his chest bone, while he wears his seat belt. We get to the doctor, get him in, and get his paper work filled out, and he goes back for his exam. He is back there for close to an hour. He comes out, we get his frames fitted, and then we go back to the car. While Michelle is getting grandpa into the car, I run into 'Bucks, and get coffees for us, Rob's mom and the woman across the street, who is going to be a life saver and "dad sit" for us on Tuesday.

We go back out to grandpa's house, get him settled in, show said life saver all the things to do while there. Grandpa's son is home by now, from work, so we get to leave.

From there, we go to Rob's parents house, see his mom briefly, grab Spenser, who luckily was picked up at the school bus stop by Rob's dad, and run to dinner with Phred and kids. After dinner and a margarita (thank god), we go back to Rob's parents, get his sister and go to the store. Oh yeah we also had an extra kid the entire time, because Spenser wanted his best bud to go. It was fine.

We drop Michelle back at the parents house, and we go home. The boys have ice cream and best buddy is driven home, and Spenser melts down into a bubbly puddle of emotional goo, because he couldn't play any longer with best buddy. I ignore it, because honestly, I don't have the energy to deal. He eventually fizzles out and goes to bed. We go to bed by 10.


I get up for good, at 4:20. Take a quick shower. Get dressed, and go to the parents house to get Michelle, so we can go to the hospital to be with mom before her surgery, and be there after she wakes.

We get to the hospital by 5:30 a.m., and find where they have taken her and dad in law. Get into the room, and wait while they get her ready. All of us nervous, mom the most nervous, because this is really the first big surgery she has ever had in her 60 years. The most gorgeous anesthesiologist comes in explains things, and we drool. We get shooed out while they put in a nerve block. We see yet more gorgeous docs. It was a highlight!

We get to go back in for all of 3 minutes, and give her our kisses and hugs, and off she goes. We go to the waiting room, and wait. Get coffee, and wait. See her in recovery. Wait for her to get a room. Get coffee. She gets a room, and we go make sure she is settled. We then, leave.

We go out to grandpa's and relieve the angel who helped us out. We feed him. Do his exercises, take his blood pressure, and get everything done that is needed to be done. He goes down for a nap. We go and get Rob and Spenser. We leave for the hospital, stop and get food for us and for Rob's mom. Get to the hospital, find a parking spot and take the food up to her room.

In her room, which is shared there is a person who is in the most pain in the world, we all cram in and listen to the snoring, snorting, moaning, groaning, and general unpleasantness. Eek.

Rob's dad leaves. He thankfully takes Spenser with him. We hang out with mom a little while longer and drive home. Get Spenser, and we go to our home. Where I about collapse. I am in bed by 8:30.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Today was even more intense and I am exhausted. Calgon, take me away, far, far away!

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