Friday, November 09, 2007

Free At Last....

Well my teeth are anyway! On Wednesday, I got the remaining braces off! It was kind of painful, but omg are my teeth straight! My bite however is still sort of off, which when I go back in month, I will have to address, but for now, it is so fucking weird!

When they took them off, they had to sand off the cement that they used to hold the bracket to my teeth. Now I have small teeth, so the glue/cement/crud was all over my teeth, which meant they had to sand the whole outside of the tooth. Because my teeth are so small, the drill bit, or sanding bit they used, ended up sanding my gums as well. SO I got to have a mouth full of blood.

Enough that the girl taking them off, gave me a paper towel and instructed me to hold it to my gums because they were bleeding, and to then rinse and brush really well. Well, I held the paper towel to the gums, and when I took it away, it was pretty well covered in blood. Then I looked in the mirror, and my gums were so puffy, and bleeding, it looked like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre happened in my mouth.

So I swished some water, which hurt like a bitch. Water. Burned. Like acid. *shiver*

Brushed my teeth, which was like a special form of torture. Yes put minty toothpaste in your mouth, and on your already super sensitive gums. Minty toothpaste burns anyway, so you can imagine how that felt. It was not pleasant.

But after all of that was said and done, and I got the blood to stop, I looked at my teeth, and I am amazed. I have straight teeth. No more snaggle tooth Tex for me!

I got a permanent retainer on the bottom. It is still a bit rough, so of course my tongue is drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Over all I am very happy. I am also weirded out, because I feel like I am nekkid! Hehehehe!

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