Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloweenie, Halloweenie...

I love everything about Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. Hands down, nothing else compares. It is at its' essence, the only honest holiday we have. It is beggars night. Pure and simple.

There is no bigger meaning, at least any more.

Everyone knows and accepts that Halloween is about candy, costumes and getting the shit scared out of you!

Unlike say, Christmas, which one would routinely tell you is about a sense of giving, about remembering those who are less fortunate, about the birth of your savior ( well if you are christian and a believer, heh), but is merely beggars night, with snow and tinsel, disguised as a "feel good, moral holiday". Meh.

Halloween for me is the best, happiest holiday. I get to give out candy, no thought involved there on what to get everyone on some list. Just grab candy and go. You can decorate in a straight scary way, or more innocent way, and it's all good.

Christmas--you can be a heathen (me) and not attach any "bigger meaning" to it, or you can be the religious type. Realizing that those who do it merely for the heathen way get looked down upon frequently. Damn ungodly heathens, just in it for the presents. Again I say meh.

Not that I hate Christmas, but it ain't my fave, and you know people look at you like you have 2 heads when you say that.

Like I said, I love Halloween. Heh.


And yes I know last night was Halloween.

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