Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Weekends Pretty Much Suck...

When you have a couple of people who mix like oil and water. Which is what I have. Rob and Spenser butt heads constantly. This weekend, tonight specifically is a prime example.

Yesterday Spenser had the girls over to play, and he told Rob he would clean up his room after they were done playing. Now I know this won't happen, because he is a child, and a child will say anything to get that which is desired.

It is not personal. It is what it is.

Spenser went to my parents to spend the night last night, so we could have some adult time--go see a movie. Spenser comes home today and is in a great mood. We drop him off at Rob's parents, for a couple hours, because we are shirking our parental responsibilities, and go to dinner with friends, and then watch a movie.

We get Spenser, and he is happy, chatty and just generally in a good mood. Which is great. And for the first 20 minutes, everything was good. Then we get home, and for whatever reason, Rob decides it is a good idea to point out the room is not clean.

Of course being Rob, he does not phrase it in any way that might be gentle, he uses the word lie, and basically it deteriorates from there. Spenser get upset. Rob is upset, and I get to be in the middle.

I so hate this.

I don't know if it is because they are two of a kind and so naturally they repel each other, like a couple magnets, or what. But there are some weekends, I don't even want to be around either of them, because they are so picky and testy with each other. It drives me fucking crazy.

I understand he is not doing what he said he would, however he is 8. I don't expect that it would be a priority for him to pick up his room. I also don't expect that it will be left for days on end, however I think there is some middle ground that we can achieve. Maybe it's a hey, let me help you pick stuff up. Or just a reminder. It does not have to be harsh, and there does not have to be hurt feelings, anger and just general shitiness on anyones part.

Now I get to figure out how to smooth over this. How to placate both of them. It is frustrating.

Can I run away now?

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