Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Break...

Or if we are being politically correct Winter Break. I have said it before, I think they have these breaks to remind the parents why they want their children in school. Because it's winter, and having them home drives you so crazy they break you. Or something like that.

Spenser had Noah spend the night last night. Fun for him. And really it's not all that bad for us either. We had Emma dropped off here today, as it really isn't fair for her to have to go to the day orphanage if her brother doesn't. So I decided to be crazy and take them shopping. All 3. To a store with many breakable items. heh.

They were surprisingly good. I got what I needed and we then went to Wal*Mart got what we needed there. And then to Circuit City. You see on Tuesday we got the movie Balls Of Fury on dvd. We opened it last night, only to find there was no disc in the case. I thought for sure, that that had to be a mistake, but Rob hadn't taken the plastic wrap off of it until about an hour before we opened the actual case. I also thought Circuit City would not take it back and exchange for one with a DVD in it. They did. Apparently this happens from time to time.

So being pissed off last night because of that and frustrated because of that other reasons, I wrote Universal a note to let them know what happened. I am sure I will not hear back from them. But screw it, they should know it happened!

Hopefully we will get to watch it tonight.

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