Thursday, March 13, 2008

It Is Awesome Outside....

Oh it is so nice outside. Warm, sunny, very light breeze. Perfect spring day. Of course my back yard looks and is a big frigging mud pit. I have just about given up on the dream of a nice lush backyard, and am seriously considering gravel. Screw the mud and grass, just lay down a shit tonne of gravel. No grass to mow. The kids won't want to run around back there, so no worrying about dog bombs, and if they do want to, it would be pretty easy to spot said bombs.

What I really want to do is turn my garage into my studio, or where I have the drums for Spenser's lessons, back into my studio. I doubt either is going to happen anytime soon. We just do not have a lot of space. And sadly space is what we need.

I suppose when we hit the lottery, or my photography takes off, we can tweak things a bit more. We shall see. I no longer do the transcription for Rob's former company. Yep you read right, former company. He left to go to a better work environment. We will see how it works out. I think every place of employment has a crazy person, and asshole, a dumb person and so on and so forth. So who knows.

Well I am off to make the dogs their food for the week. And biscuits. And bread for us humans. And maybe get a drink. Mmmmm, Coke Zero.

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