Monday, December 22, 2008

Poking The Bear...

What if you had to constantly poke an angry bear, to get the response needed to get help?
What if that was your only contact with the bear, you were trying to save, you loved so much but it tore you apart?

That is what my life has become. I go poke the bear, get the reaction, and leave. Hoping the bear doesn't hate me.

I am tired, just so tired. I want Spenser to get well, be magically cured. I want a bailout on the credit cards I have used to buy meds, to go to doc appointments, and of course there are some stupid mistakes, but I have 29,000 worth of this debt. Our health care system is such that i have whopping med bills and I am always robbing peter to pay paul. And yet I may be forced into bankruptcy, in order to have the money needed to get Spenser proper treatment.

Anyone want to bail me out to the tune of 30 grand?

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