Monday, December 01, 2008

Quiet Monday Night

It is literally a quiet Monday night. Spenser of course went to bed at 7:30 like normal. And then Rob went to bed at 8.

Something is up with him. I would say that he is depressed, but that is already a given.

Maybe he feels a certain coldness form his once bright new flame.

Maybe his work is getting to him.

Whatever the case, I was certainly not needed this evening for anything other then dinner and Spenser's bed time ritual.

I love learning about WWII. Right now there is a show on PBS about all the works of art that Hitler stole or destroyed during his terror. Last night there was a show on Natural Geographic about Hitler, and his insanity, how he at first embraced the occult, and then later shunned it, and made it a crime. How others had tried to assassinate him, those in his own party. And one that was about a SS officer who was also a photographer, and so there are photos of happy nazi's, yards away from the gas chambers. The dichotomy of that amazes me.

Yet I have no one to watch this with me.

Macabre? Sure.

But it fascinates me immensely. Not sure why.

I am not Jewish, nor do i know anyone personally who was in a camp. My grandfather had his life changed by the war, a brick wall and a bomb.

But, I have a massive hunger to learn about WWII. The plight of the people, the insanity of the idiot mustachioed one nut wonder, and our lack of involvement until we were struck. Mostly I am attracted to stories of survival.

I guess it is a sense of hope in a time when hope was a luxury most did not have.

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