Monday, December 01, 2008

Saga Of The Mutant Chritmas Tree...

So I have the greatest Christmas tree ever. Well, it used to be the greatest tree ever. And then the lights started burning out. The problem here was that I could not find the light burnt out, or that a fuse was burnt out. Now my tree is an easy tree to set up. You pull up the center, hook it to to the pole, and presto Christmas tree.

So a couple years back, i picked all of the lights off of it, and restrung it. Now those lights have gone out, so last night, I undid all the lights, and redid them. Pain in the ass, majorly.

So I finished that, decorated it--no ornaments this year, blah. Ribbons, bows, garlands, and I am done.

Not feeling the love for Christmas this year. Blah.

And it is snowing. Did I mention I hate snow?

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