Friday, December 19, 2008


This week has been a rough one.

My dad told my mom what has been going on with Spenser, which had to be difficult, because mom is recovering from major intestinal surgery.She has dealt with it with surprising compassion and grace, especially given all of the whacky drugs they have her on. My dad has also been surprisingly wonderful about it as well.

We got a phone call that they were thinking of releasing the boy wonder from the hospital. I freaked. I am no where near ready to have him home yet. And I know he will make sure that the net time his unhappy with me, I won't be able to reach the phone, which is scary as hell. So we had a meeting with his social worker, and case manager, and decided that he needed to be challenged on the floor/unit. All we had to do is ask him about what happened on last Wednesday, and Thursday. He became instantly lit. Started kicking at Rob, and yelling for us to shut up. That was enough for them. He then became even more angry when he was told that he could not go to play because he tried to kick Rob.

So he has been approved through today, but the doc has said at least until the 24th. Personally I think he needs to be there long term.

Then on Wednesday because our live are not as exciting as they could be, Rob's boss drop the we are not going to pay for Robyn and Spenser's insurance anymore!!!! I was livid. Beyond livid.

Eventually she saw the error of her ways, and they are paying the same amount they pay now, just not the increase. So monthly our income is going to go down about 200 or so bucks a check. Oi.

Life is fun.

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