Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why Am I Awake

So dealing with the insurance company is like peeling my finger nails back, while trying to smile like everything is fine.

So I find out that the insurance has somehow decided Spenser is well enough to leave the hospital. Sunday.

No fucking way. His aggression levels are still through the roof. His anger is still on high, and his deviousness is even more, devious? All of this because he is not coded in a certain way. If anyone has any idea on how one has to be coded for Humana to cover his stay indefinitely,let me know, because I cannot pay the 1200.00 dollars a day it costs to keep Spenser in patient.

The doctors and social workers have said he is still a threat to himself and others, and that they have never seen someone his age get so rage filled and angry, so quickly. I think the exact words I heard last night were "he is still a danger to himself and others". Now why that doesn't automatically get him that open ended stay, I am not sure.

So I am begging,if you know how to get my baby the right codes he needs to continue the help he needs, please let me know. Email me, leave a comment. Anything. I am pleading for our lives here, because I have no doubt that if he is released too early, he will kill me.

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