Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The white death had her revenge on me...

Went sledding with the boy and some friend this afternoon. Big big huge mistake. Spenser and I went down, the first time, and we hit what I can only imagine to be a hole that actually goes straight to hell, and i felt my spine compress, something pop, and the instant seer of pain in my back.

I rolled off said sled and lay face down in the freezing ass cold, before Spenser could get someone over to me to flip me over. So ass down i now lay, now streaming into my face, as i struggle to breathe and not throw up. I can not breathe, i want to throw up and i can't move.

I had to be rolled back onto sled, and pulled up the fucking mater horn, by 3 kind people, to whom I apologized profusely.

Yep, snow is a bitch.

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