Sunday, August 30, 2009

So, We Meet Again?

Monday starts a new chapter in my life. Well really all of our lives.
I am once again going to baby the children next door.

I was honestly freaking out a little inside last week. Logistics, keeping 5 or sometime 6 children happy, scheduled, and content. Keeping order in a house that frankly I lost interest in having control and order over. And just being a fun person for the kids, my kid, my husband, myself.

The kids were told of this arrangement on Thursday/Friday. My son is happy--he will have friends to play with now. The kidlets next door are happy. I even got a card last night from the second oldest girl, thanking me for being their sitter!!!

I feel at peace with the decision now. I know it will take adjustment from everyone, and that the waters in the next couple of weeks will be choppy, but I think it will ultimately be a good thing. The kids will benefit from the structure I will have to put in place--you know homework before play, picking up after themselves, etc. But I know at first, or even a couple weeks in, they may try to revolt. That is only natural, and we will get passed it!

Fact is, I love kids. I love being a part of someone's development, helping to mold them from children who know little, to young adults who are learning about the world, others, and themselves. It may be selfish, but I love kids, and since my baby factory has been shut down for good, I have a chance to to have more kids, even if for a few hours!!!

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