Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring in the 'Nati

Once again I have the urge to write. Maybe, just maybe, I can do it regularly.  Edited for clarity 6/18/2015

Lots of new things have happened since I last wrote. I have a job outside the home. I work for Home Depot now, and I love it. Part time, but I have benefits, which I think is just the most awesome thing ever.
That was a disaster.  I ended up quitting, writing a 3 page letter to the president of the company about how fucked up this particular store was.  I have shopped there precisely once since I walked out.  They suck and the insurance was horrible.  10 months of my life wasted that I can't get back.
I have a ton of fun there. I was worried when I started that I would be miserable, because in my experience that is how it has been for me when working outside the home. I actually look forward to going to work. I get a real sense of accomplishment when I am there. I feel like I know what I am doing, even though I am only a cashier. Not like I am a doctor who saves life, but I try to make each patron smile in some way.  
See above highlights.

I still watch the little bud that I have been watching since he was 7.5 weeks old. I love having him, but I have to admit that it is tiring. I don't think I would have been able to keep up if I had had Spenser at this age.
I no longer watch him :(

Rob and Matt are still busting their butts to get the dream going, and so far the work is paying off. I just keep my fingers crossed that things keep going the way they are going.
That whole thing jumped the shark.  Turns out people you think are good friends turn out to be assholes after all.

I need to go to the docs soon for a physical, my thumb is locked in place now, and occasionally pops out or into place. It is painful. My good knee is crunchy, so it needs scoped out. And of course my damn bunion needs taken care of. I also need to have hormone level checked, thyroid etc. I also need to get Spenser in for his well child check, since he turned 11. I know he has an immunization coming up.

Rob is cycling. Not sleeping, just off. I worry about him. However he is an adult and aside from me keeping an eye on him, I can't really do anything else. He is the one that has to keep on top of his issues, I can only push so much, ya know.

I have my windows open at almost 8 in the morning, a good thing, because it means it is warm enough to have them open! Spring is coming, and I can't wait!

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