Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not even remotely regular....

Not that anyone reads this anymore, because I rarely write anymore. Just don't have the time. I am working ideally 40 hours a week, a bit less lately because I have hit the wall medically.

The past 3 weeks I have been battling what at first I thought was kidney stones. After an IVP, the asshole doctor I went to first said no kidney stones. Thing is I passed one the day before that test. And I still have pain, not only on my right side, but also often debilitating pain on my left, abdomen. I have also had what appeared to be at the very least an IB attack--abdominal cramping, spasms, the worst painful diarrhea, and sweating, thinking I was going to pass out on the potty. And then lingering abdominal/lower back pain.

So yesterday, the new doc had me get a CT scan.

I don't know what to think about what is going on. It freakin hurts. I look ill, feel ill, and just want to feel better.

Work has been fantastic. Very understanding!


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