Monday, August 30, 2010


So this weekend was interesting. Rob and Spenser were much like oil and water. Spenser didn't do what he was told to do. Rob got pissed. I got pissed. Spenser got pissed. Pretty much, lather, rinse, repeat.

Rob has been nesting for about the last month and a half. this makes me not want to do anything housework related. Especially when he decides to go through my shit. I have a lot of things. I am a pack rat. Can't help it. Occasionally I go through and weed out stuff. Apparently I have been way lax on that. He went through my desk last month. Yesterday through the closet. It is maddening. I'm not quite sure why it infuriates me. Maybe it's because after he is done, things get moved, he makes jokes about my shit. I don't know. It just bugs me.

He is also cycling. Joy of joys. So this means he is not sleeping regularly.
He is weepy at times, pissed at others, just the bouncing ball of emotion.

I am tired. I want a vacation.

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