Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day Of School...

So the morning went well. And by morning, I mean getting Spenser up (thank you Rob), having breakkie (thank you Rob) and coffee (thank you Rob). Watched him get on the bus...

I didn't cry this year. Although I am afraid for him. New things + mental illness= not great times. Usually.

I don't know. I hate seeing summer end, even though I am glad he is going back to school, because it is a schedule for him to follow, I also hate knowing that we are back to the grind. Bittersweet I guess.

I never liked school when I was growing up. It was hard for me. I had to study to get decent grades. And I didn't like being away from home. I pretty much always felt stupid. So I guess that still hangs over me.

Spenser on the other hand is smart as smart can be. Doesn't really need to study, and seems to like school. Of course I have never said I hate school in front of him, so maybe that helped.

I don't know.

I hope today and every day after goes well.


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