Monday, August 16, 2010

Not having health insurance

Not having health insurance makes life interesting. And by interesting I mean fucking scary.

All 3 of us in this house are on meds. All the meds are needed. We are fortunate that we belong to Costco and they have a prescription program for those who are uninsured. Even still, I can estimate that our script bill each month will be close to 500 bucks.

Add to that, that we cannot go to the doc, unless we are critically ill, and life becomes a scary proposition.

We make too much money to qualify for welfare.

I have tried to get the Bipolar Wonder disability, and again they say we make too much money. It seems that government and society rewards the lazy, while people who work hard, get the shaft.

Oh yeah, I no longer work at the home of the despots. So I am currently looking for employment again. Not fun.

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