Thursday, August 05, 2010

Does Anyone Read Me Anymore?

I know I don't update this like I used to. I want to though. My life has been full of many changes lately. Med changes. Weight changes. Employment changes. Just changes.

So many things I want and need to do. So little will power. It is as if something just zaps my energy before I even get out of bed. I wish it were not so. I want to be peppy and vibrant and full of energy. Not lethargic and sloth like.

I have a good life. A husband who loves me even though I am a bit of a fuck up. A son who although different, is maturing--albeit ever so slowly! Lovely friends, neighbors and family.

I am a lucky girl.

So does anyone read here anymore?
Should I abandon this? It does feel like it is a part of me, though I have neglected it.
Is there a cps for blogs? And would I be charged with neglect?

Ponder that my friends!

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