Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's That Old Saying?

Old habits die hard?

Well I aw an old Habit this evening, and I can confirm that that saying is in fact true. I am sort of kind of really well, weirded out. This is a Habit that was immense amounts of fun while it lasted. Actually carved out a space in my heart for the time it was there. And I thought I was over that shit.

Not really. Mostly just moved to the back of my warped, twisted little mind.

I wonder if Habit felt the same? I can't tell. I was too busy trying to act normal. Whatever the fuck that means. I hope Habit gets all sentimental, or maybe just mental about it. Because well that would only be fair.

Why is it that this particular Habit effects me so?
I am gobsmacked.
I need massive amounts of alcohol. Stat.

Gotta put this Habit back in the depths where I won't think about it.

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