Tuesday, October 05, 2010

People don't Really Change


They remain the same bastards or butt heads they always were. They may profess to change and be new and improved, but it doesn't happen.

Someone who cannot take the time to make a simple phone call for instance, will never change. Even if they promise to. Time will go by, and the sucker (me, you whoever) will wait patiently, not wanting to think the worst of the digit and telephone challenged.

Something drastic will happen, a death, a new life, an illness and you the sucker will reach out like you always do. And for the time that you are needed, you will hear from the communicationally challenged. Yes they would love your help. No you are not intruding. The inevitable I love you's and sorry's for being distant. The promises of that not happening again, and stupid you, you actually believe it. You believe it because it is easier to have faith in someone you love, then to think that they are playing you for the moment.

It is easier to hope, then to swallow that bitter pill that is reality.

They have a new family. One they like better, for reasons only they know. They are ashamed of where they came from, because let's face it, the family of origin of the communicationally challenged is a step above white trash, and his new family, well they have all the bells and whistles. Hell they even have a key to C.C's home. Something C.C. will never give you or anyone else in your white trash family.

So the new reason for coming together as a family, that 4 pound miracle, well you won't know her. You will get glimpses. Hold her a few times. Be allowed to photograph her, when it suits them. And then C.C. will disappear again. Into the new family with the bells and whistles. And they will become the aunts you will never be allowed to be. They will be the ones who get to babysit, come over regularly, and generally be there.

And us poor slobs who are not worthy, we get to look into the window of the life of this person. Sit at the end of the table with the other misfits, and ask as Oliver Twist did, please sir can I have more?

And you will be shooed away.

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