Thursday, August 02, 2012

Culling the herd...

After much debate and thought, I went through my friend list on Facebook, and culled out about 80 people.  Most were people I never interacted with, so no real loss there.  Then there were the ones that I really lost myself in thought over.
My siblings.
After a few interactions with one,  I decided it would be wise to just erase what I had said, because honestly it wasn't worth the argument.  Not worth the strife.  I don't want to be the trouble maker, the person that makes everyone else upset. 
Apparently that was a bad move on my part. 
The sibling decided to use my faux pas as a jumping off point to do the whole "I am sooooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeen", blah, blah, blah.  Then an older sibling got in on it. 
I just, ugh, I don't have the patience or the need to participate in that type of utter shit.

So pretty much all family has been taken off the friend list, because I just can't trust that things won't somehow get twisted into utter and complete horse shit. 

I feel as though I have no family anymore, at least not family of origin.  I have my little family.  I have a small family of friends.

I never thought that my family of origin would not be a part of my adult life.  Never.

I foresee many more sessions with the shrink.  Joy.

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