Sunday, May 31, 2015

2 years

Two years.  A lot can happen in two years.  In two years we became a family of four.  In two years my biological son got the older brother he never knew he wanted or needed.  In two years I became the mum of two boys, so vastly different that it allowed me to see things I might not of seen ever.  In two years my heart grew so big, that at times I thought it might burst at times.  In two years I was inspired by my new son to do things I never did--I ran a 5k, me.  I don't run unless it is for coffee or doughnuts.  In two years I learned that not every disagreement would be met with meltdowns and huffiness.  In two years I learned that even though he is not of my womb, he is definitely of my heart and soul.  In two years I saw my son grow and flourish because of the presence of my second son.  I have learned that teenagers are strange creatures, that are unpredictable, cool, amazing, and just plain weird sometimes.  I got to glimpse into the world of a neuro-typical child, and it was the same and different all at the same time.  I became a sports mom, which I learned is probably not my forte, as I yelled at the coach for yelling at Nao.  Whoops.

I am so fortunate to have had these two years.  I think I am the luckiest mum around.

Thank you Nao for being my son, nephew, inspiration and friend.

I love you, no matter what!

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