Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trying it again, this time with vigor!

I feel the need to write, though I can't promise I will be doing it everyday.  I miss being able to pour my emotion out into the ether, and have it pass from me.  Words are powerful.  Words make me happy.  Well, my words make me happy.

It is Spring Break for me, and of course the weather is shit.  Snow!  Cold!  Muddy!  I miss the beach, the warm breeze on my face.  Instead, I am stuck in the groundhog day of weather.  Same thing, over and over again.  Just get warm damn it!  Man if that were enough, we would have warm weather everyday!

Today, I will be "fixing" my car.  The handle on the hatch broke off.  You can't open it without said handle.  I am rigging it, so it will work.  Perks of owning a car versus leasing.  It won't be pretty or elegant, but really it only needs to work.  Just like most everything.

Despite having a full time job, and making a little money, we still are in not great financial shape.  The shape is more pear shaped.  Something always comes up.  Always.  Wish I could figure out how to make the finances more stable/reliable/whatever.  I wish I had a money tree.  Or a benefactor.  (benefactors apply here!)

I am back in contact with a couple people from my past.  It is exciting to see them again.  Talk to them, have fun with them.  I love having friends who get me.  Think I might just be a little cool, and worthy of time.

This is a stream of consciousness, or some silly shit like that! 
Happy Tuesday.

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