Monday, June 22, 2015


I love the way people can get upset about literally nothing, and decide they can tell you what to do.  In my life I have had things happen that were not pleasant. I have been i therapy for at least 10 years to help overcome some of these things, and learn how to process all if it in a more positive way.  I have gone through cognitive behavioral therapy.  Put up suitable boundaries.  I have back slid on those boundaries every once and a while, with consequences that would end up teaching me the reasons I had the boundaries set up in the first place. 

This year that all changed.  

After what I will call an unfortunate event, I decided to make the boundaries, concrete.  Reinforced even.  The blockade was put up, to protect my family, and myself.  It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.  I shed no tears, felt no ill will towards those who may have inflicted pain, or emotional hurt on me.  It was well in my past, and I had intended to keep it there.  Until saturday evening.

One phone message, full of threats.  Threats over nothing.  Nothing.  Let me repeat NOTHING.  No posts on social media about you and yours.  I let the message slide.

Father's Day.

Call 2 in 2 days, and 3 harassing in total of colorful messages.
Same caller as the day previous, with even more threats, including legal action. Again, NOTHING has been put out in social media.  This is the only place that closely, but not all the way mentions you and yours.

So in short I have been harassed, by people who arguably could have had a lot of police intervention from about 1969-until present.  Not against just me, but 4 other people, presumed friends, etc.

If this should get to my child, I will be forced to take legal action, in the form of a restraining order, maybe a divorce (not from my husband), and the door to any form of a relationship in the future, nailed shut forever.  

So let me repeat in words one might understand--No contact is to be made, if it happens, I will pursue all legal avenues to make sure it is never done again.  I hope that is clear enough for you.

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