Friday, June 19, 2015

A Terrible Morning

Today in the city of Cincinnati, an officer got shot and killed in the line of duty. The suspect, gunman was also shot and killed.

Guns are not the answer to any problem one might have, aside from hunting.  We are a nation that hunts itself.  We need stricter gun control laws, but people bitch about it being against their rights as a citizen.  Do you know what is against anybody's right as a citizen?  Being shot to death.  Whether by cop, or perpetrator, on accident or on purpose.

I no longer feel safe and comfortable in this country.  This country never addresses the real issues.

Freedom to marry whomever you choose.
Freedom from religion.
Greedy business practices that keep the poor poor, and the rich, richer.
Health care--genuinely affordable health care.
And the list can go on.

If we never address these issues, then we will continue down this path of hate and destruction.  When are we going to sit down and say, yes racism still exists, it never left, it was hushed?  When are we going to sit down and actually work on it?  If we leave it be, it will never change.  It will be the same--if you are white skinned you will mostly be ok, but if you are any other shade you are an automatic target.  You are considered criminal before you even open your mouth.  What kind of society thinks that that is ever good enough?

You know who scares me?
White conservatives with hatred in their hearts, blood lust on their minds, and no real education.  White folks who riot when their team wins or loses a game, and yet it called something other than a riot.  When a white person shoots up a church, and people don't call him a thug, because in all honesty, he is a thug.  We are allowing the future generations to be bathed in the shit that is hate, arrogance, entitlement.  

We are a country of idiots.  No one wants to get better.  No one tries.  The government doesn't even try to fix any of this.  We have a police force trained to use violence.  We have a society trained to use violence.

When are we going to have a society that thinks, before it acts?

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