Thursday, June 18, 2015

Have We All Lost Our Minds?

I feel like this country is going backwards.  We have white police officers shooting black males, in the back and claiming self defense.  We have some ignorant bowl cut moron go in and shoot up a church.  We have a white lady passing herself off as black.  The rich are getting richer, the middle class is getting poorer, and the poor--everyone wants to drug test them to see if they deserve is that even ethical?

I can't help but feel like this country has hit the reverse button.  Everything that could be good, and should be done is not.  We have children who are starving---for attention, love, and for food.  For medical care, housing and the necessities of life.

We have children being brought up in a school system that focuses on test scores, and not learning.  Common core, instead of old fashioned learning. Memorization, instead of actual education.  We have school systems that want tax levy's passed, and when they do, it is spent on things that are not going to help the kids.  Hell they don't even help the teachers, administration--at the school level-- and other staff.  We do not train our teachers or para-educators how to interact with children who are different from the neurotypical.  Instead of being proactive, they are reactive.  They label kids who are different as thugs and trouble makers, and essentially let them slip through the cracks, and that crack slipping doesn't stop once you have graduated.

If you have slipped through the cracks--no it should be giant crevices, in 12 plus years of "public" schooling, you will continue falling.  Very few are able to recover from this pattern that was set up by administrators who sit on their asses all day not giving a shit if little Johnny, or Little Jane have an actual need. No they are more concerned on how to get more money from the government, who frankly has no clue how to educate, raise ethical decent people.  Schools have become another business venture.

I have seen many children who need help, flail and fail in this system.  My child was almost one of them, except that I am a pain in the ass for the administrators.  Still even though I am fully involved in my sons education, we had to threaten a lawsuit to get him into the place where he currently goes to school, and thrives.  It shouldn't be that hard.  Placing this burden on the child, and the parents, is unnecessary and unfortunate.  Most of the kids that need help are passed from grade to grade.  Does little Bobby know how to read?  No.  Okay we will pass him to 3rd grade and wash our hands of him.  Little Cindy has bruises, won't look you in the eye, has a head full of lice and tells you how her mothers boyfriend puts hot sauce in her mouth as punishment.  When you tell the school admin, they say we will look into it, and nothing gets done.  It's like the slash and burn of our forests.  That generation that we desperately needed to keep the country, world thriving, is gone down a rabbit hole, where if they are lucky they can escape, but most likely will get caught in the cycle of violence, hate, despair, that leads to where we are right now.


Very Fucked.   

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