Monday, May 22, 2006

About The Whole Awful Autographers Things....

Apparently there was some article out last week, or the week before that had a list of the best and worst autograph givers in Hollywood. For whatever reason, Russell Crowe was on the worst list. I cannot fathom why.

I mean, realizing that I, a mere mortal, who has only met him once, and was just bowled over with his kindness and willingness to chat with a fan who was obviously having a series of dumbass moments, obviously does not an autograph connoisseur make. But, I have read countless other reports, and actually was told by my dear friend who got an autograph from him, for my son, just how nice and warm and kind he is to his fans.

What I want to know is who the fuck wrote that list, and what the hell was their issue with The Man? I mean it would appear this person was some how offended by something The Man did to them personally.

I wonder do you think this person was snarled at? Barked at? Made to feel like an idiot? Maybe this person didn't have the balls to ask for an autograph, and therefore thought his(don't know if the writer was male or female)mind should have been read. Maybe this person was being rude and got a talking to about the rudeness? I don't know what the hell the issue might be.

I mean, I am not saying The Man is a saint, or perfect, well okay maybe physically he is perfect (ha!), but seriously. He has a reputation among his fans for being patient and signing anything. I cannot imagine that this would get someone on the autograph shit list. Then again what the hell do I know?

I don't know, it just pissed me off that someone would put him on that list, considering that in all fairness, he is probably more patient with his fans then some other celebs.

Oh well, just some mindless ranting for the afternoon!

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