Monday, May 22, 2006

The Weather Is Weird.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for my faux nephew. He is turning 8 on the 25th. Now I remember the day he was born--it was a little overcast, and muggy as all get out, and hot. Yesterday, notsomuch.

It started out very cloudy, which was odd since we were supposed to have sun, but I digress. Of course since it was cloudy it was chilly as well. Normally I wouldn't really give a flying fig, but this party was to be held outside. Also there were outdoor activities. Like corn hole--worst name ever for a really fun game (read this post for more interesting Cincinnati things that have interesting names funny post ), kick ball, wiffle ball, and then you have the wet things. Water guns and water balloons. Yep, 10-15 kids all running around in shorts, because after all it is May and supposed to be warm, with squirt guns, and water balloons. 10-15 kids soaked down to their bones, in chilly windy, non sunny weather. They didn't mind!!! I froze.

About an hour and a half into the party, the sun comes out, and the temperature jumps about 10 degrees. I now have to take off my jacket, because it is too warm for that. By this time, no one is really playing with the water toys, well except for my child who apparently does not like team sports, which is another post for later.

Yesterday just had odd weather. It was still sort of chilly out, even when the sun came out. It was that sort of chill that March weather has. Ironically in March we had almost 80 degree days. So the weather he is just plain weird.

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