Thursday, May 25, 2006

The AC Man Is Coming.....

Thank goodness, because I foresee a summer that is hotter then hell, and I need my AC! It is already humid out, which really sucks, because then you feel sticky and hot. Not just hot, but sticky and hot. Like a sticky bun fresh from the oven!

Well so far, I have managed to not throttle my obstinate son. He did do his homework, and did it without complaining, but still. He is just looking to pick a fight with me. I can just tell. He keeps asking for the game cube, which is put up, since technically he is supposed to be in school, and that is not something he would do in school. So he gets ticked every time I repeat that he is in fact not going to get the game cube right now.

I swear that thing is the devil. He either wants to play it, and then starts playing it only to get ticked off when he doesn't win, or he just lets it sit. So I will tell him you can play the game cube you know, to which he looks at me like I have lost my mind. One of those:
"Why the hell would I play that ?" looks.
Can't ever seem to get it right in regards to the game cube.

Right now I am addicted to Mahjong on the game boy. My god is that soooo addictive. I end up staying up until like midnight playing it. I don't even realize that I am staying up that late until after I turn the blasted thing off. I am a Mahjong junkie. It is all Rob's fault! He is the one who said I should try it. Little did he know that I would become hooked, like a fish on a line.

Well I must go do the house bitchery work that is required so it doesn't look like we live in squalor! Which we don't, but you know, I need a clean house, even if I hate cleaning it!


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