Thursday, May 25, 2006

So Where Is The Alien Baby Cruise?

Something fishy about the whole Gay Midget Dwarf baby being born, and not being seen.

I am beginning to wonder if poor Katie was ever preggers. Maybe she just had a half basketball stuffed up her shirt. Maybe Tommy boy bought her a pregnancy belly, you know the ones that you see on Maury Povich for the loser dads, who bitch and moan about how pregnancy is easy?

Maybe L. Ron decided, from the grave of course, that the baby was his, and took it to their leader--hahahaha!

Seriously though, how have we not seen that child? Does it not exist?

If it does exist, is it really Turkey Baster Tom's child?

Or did they have to spring for someone else's baby batter?

I would put money on number two, since Old Tommy boy reminds me of someone who is in the "he-man woman haters club"! Which means he would probable say something to the effect of:

"You want me to put my what in her where? Gross, girls have cooties...."

And another thing, who the hell is picking out Katie's clothes?

She wears the same damn thing over and over again.

Does she not have any other clothes? I think her jeans could probably walk off by themselves she has worn them so many times as of late.

And why the big ass bug eye sun glasses?

Are you hiding your eyes because all you can do is sob over the mess you got yourself into with Douchebag Extraordinaire?

These are some serious questions people.

Seriously though, if there is a baby, I hope to god it is healthy and doing well despite having two questionable people as parents. And I hope that Katie does not get post partum depression considering the Boy Wonder has a negative stance on psychiatric drugs. I wonder if I was being glib even suggesting that? Hmmmm.

I really want to see a picture though. Just one wee picture. Then I will believe a child from these two actually does exist!

(Again, this is just my opinion for those out there who would criticize, and or sue the pants off of me. Opinion. That is all!)

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