Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh How Quickly The Day Goes.....

Downhill that is.

Got a call from the school that Spenser was not cooperating. Did not want to do his work, and they wanted me to come down and talk to him. Unfortunately I am watching a two year old and didn't have the car, so Rob had to go. I told Rob just to bring him home, because I cannot deal with him having an incident at school, yet again. Luckily he already has an appointment scheduled for tomorrow so I get to talk to the docs about upping his meds, yet again.

I can see now that next year, I will be called to his school often. I just know that is what is going to happen. Is it too much to ask that he get through the day without turning into the raging 7 year old? I suppose so.

It is so very hard to figure out what is him being a brat, because believe me he is spoiled and can be a brat at times, and what is the bipolar. I don't know how much more I can take, because it is something every freakin week. I know I have no real choice in the matter, considering he is my child, but still, doesn't make it any easier. I can only hope that things settle down, if even for a little bit, just to get a break, and I know that is selfish, but damn it all, it is very frustrating and stressful to be the mother, and the wife to people who are mentally ill.

Calgon, take me away, far, far away. Like continents away. Miles and miles. Heh.

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