Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday, Woo Hoo, Friday!

I am so glad today is Friday. A nice longish weekend. Yee haw!

Had to take Spenser to his psychiatrist today. That is always interesting. They have decided to not adjust his meds right now, as they think he is on a downward cycle. Meaning that he may be close to normal--not manic. So we have to give it a few weeks to see if his behavior goes whacko. That is always fun.

It was also suggested that the less stress around him the better. Meaning that I am probably not going to be getting a job anytime soon, since I will be taking him back and forth to doc appointments, and having meeting upon meeting with the school. I basically have to focus all my attention to him. Sucks money wise, but really he is the most important thing in my life, so I will do whatever I have to make sure he is healthy and happy.

We are putting off getting a new central air system, since it is way expensive, and I don't want to have to worry about extra money leaving my pockets at the moment. So until some other financial things are settles we are going to be AC free. It sucks, but I grew up without it, and in reality as long as we have fans we won't instantly combust into flames. I am not saying it won't unpleasant, but there are many other worse things in life then not having AC. Like having a bipolar child flipping out because he is stressed, now that is worse!

Anyway, I am off to go get another industrial fan to move the air in the house! As long as the air gets moved around, we shall be fine. Sweaty and sticky, but fine!

Anyone out there have an extra 2 ton central air unit they are not using? (yeah right)

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