Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Got Batting Gloves!!!

In pink and black!

Every time I do the batting cages, I always bloody my hands, because I do a lot of hitting. Today, I remembered that I should probably get batting gloves so I don't bloody my hands this weekend. That and not wear my rings whilst I am batting the shit out of the balls!

I love softball, and baseball. Just love it. I like to play it, but alas I am not allowed to run anymore, since my knee is pretty much fucked up. Yes I have had it repaired twice. In a span of less then three years. Technically I should have mobility and all that jazz, but it is not the same as it once was. So I can't run. Which means no baseball or softball, or basketball(thought I really suck at basketball, so I didn't ever really play it). So the batting cages have to be my softball experience for the rest of eternity, I mean my life.

I also look at it this way, at least by not having to run, I won't knock myself out while running. You know, the whole my boobs are ginormous, so when I run they smack me in the head? Yeah that. Makes swinging a bat interesting though. I overcome that obstacle, and proceed to hammer the ball!

I just love doing that. Love swinging the bat. Love smacking the hell out of the baseball/softball. Love the sense of power and coordination I have for the 20 minutes or so I do it! Usually longer then 20 minutes, but sometimes, you have to let other people use the cage you are in.

Woo hoo!

Softball baby!

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