Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It Is Tuesday, Not Monday......

Of course it feels like Monday. Ughh. I hate that, because then my week gets all fuddled up.

There are only 5 or 6 days left in Spenser's school year, and I am hoping to god he behaves. I of course realize he probably won't, and that it isn't really him so much as the bipolar disorder, but still. It would be nice to end the school year on an up note instead of a downward spiral.

This weekend I over ate, way too much so as a result I am having to drastically cut back on my intake. Which totally blows. So right now I am having some baby carrots dipped in a little bit of peanut butter.

What I would really like to scarf down is something totally not good for me, and full of fat and salt. Not gonna do it though, as I need to keep the weight loss on track. I need to be 130 or less. Just need to be.

So the my space thing is really interesting. I never knew how many people were on that thing. I have 5 or 6 friends now.

One of which is Ryan Reynolds, and another is Marc Broussard.

I think Ryan Reynolds is a riot. Flippin hilarious as can be, and not too shabby to look at either.

Marc Broussard has an awesome voice. Just blew me away when I first heard him. I could not believe that voice came out of such a young guy (good lord that makes me sound old, ack). He is just fantastic. I so want to see him in concert, I think it would be awesome. So because he is on the friends list, it has a listing of his upcoming concerts. He is having one in Cincinnati!!! I am so gonna try to go to that. Just gotta do it!

I of course have had many friend requests. Usually from men who are married, but are on there to make "friends".

Yeah right.

I go and check out all of their friends, and 9 times out of ten all they have are chick friends usually in some state of undress. Call me suspicious, but, I think they are not on there just to find friends. Well at least not platonic friends. Not that I have anything against that, what I don't like is the fact that most of these men would not have the balls to tell their wives that they are on my space and let them see who they have on their friends list.

I have said it before, and I say it now, if you can't be honest with your spouse, who the hell are you gonna be honest with?

Maybe I am naive. Maybe I have had an incredibly sheltered life, but I honestly believe that being honest is the only way to go. Saves a hell of a lot of heartache and trouble by being honest.

Wow this post has gone completely off topic, huh?

Sigh. My mind is racing. Just waiting for life to jump up to the exciting area again.


miki said...

wow catching up on your blogs i missed.... im not scared of death cause its leaving this broken down body in this messed up world for a new body in a better world. So you know from that I do talk to God and dont have a problem praising him he makes my life better. I had a bipolar husband, but he wouldn't stay around so I got a better one. But I have 3 kids from him so I have always worried about the mental health of my kids. I could go on about that, but anyway. yeah, I'll put you on my "my friends list, but the thing didnt go through so send me another one ok!

robyn said...

I have always been afraid of death, even when I was a "good" catholic.

I am not sure if god exists. I would love to think he/she/it did. But then I wonder if it does exist, then why do such terrible things happen in this world. I do not however begrudge anyone their personal beliefs! As long as they don't tell me how to live my life, I am ok!

Whatever makes you stronger, be it talking to god, eating broccoli, or just knowing how to relax, is all that counts. Well that and being a good person! And maybe liking Russell Crowe (hahahaha)!

Thanks for reading my blog!