Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Hair Color, New You

I dyed my hair this morning. It was time for a change. Subtle though it may be. 35 minutes until a new you appears, or so says the box. Funny I feel like the old me, only now my hair is a slightly different color, and I am going to have to condition it every day, for about 2 weeks, before I think it feels soft again.

I dye my hair for me. My vanity issue I suppose. I don't often change my appearance for anyone, because usually that is such a double edged sword. On the one hand it does show how much you care, or at least others take it that way, even if it is something as simple as growing your hair out. On the other hand it means that you have given someone access to you in a way that is quite significant. Rob wouldn't mind if I let my hair go gray, or never wore makeup, or never shaved all the parts that were supposed to be shaved. He loves me and appreciates me for who I am. Because of that, I like to make myself look the way I know he likes. Sometimes it is a royal pain, because to be honest I am lazy. I would rather to the bare minimum needed to look good. Recently however, I have tried to make my hair look nice, my skin look better, and just look all around more attractive. I have taken to wearing makeup. Why? Because menopause in a 31 year old does strange things to your skin.

I have to take hormones, which I detest, but to blunt, if I don't I will shrivel up like a damn prune. These hormones are important, but they have odd effects on me. I have break outs now. More so then before. Which is why I am wearing make up. Cannot stand the way my face looks otherwise. I am fair skinned, so any blemish tends to stand out. My skin is also drier. I fear my hands look like old lady hands. So I am perpetually putting on lotion.

Anyway, I colored my hair. I like it. It is a dark brown with red hints to it, which is usually the family of color I use when coloring my hair. I do not look good as a blonde. Had blonde highlights before, they looked horrid. Besides, this color is not all that far away from the color of my eyebrows, so it doesn't scream out:
"Hey look I colored my hair!"

That is always nice.

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