Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Much Snot, So Few Tissues....


How can one nose make so much snot? I swear to god that my head must have 40 pounds of snot in it. This sinus infection/strep throat thing really sucks. My nose feels like it might slide off my face, I have blown it so much. Not to mention the constant tickle in my throat from the all the drainage. Good lord I am a mess.

So I am on antibiotics and a prescription strength decongestant, on top of the other two meds I take daily. I feel like an elderly person with the handful of pills I must swallow every day.

When I cough, I can feel it in my chest. It makes my chest walls burn, like someone took a match to the inside. I am coughing about every 2-3 minutes, and not some petite little girlie cough either. Sounds like I have smoked a pack cigs a day for 50 years. That is the type of cough I have. It is ever so gross.

My ears are clogged too. For most people that might not be an issue, but for me it is a huge problem. I already have a hard time hearing. That would be courtesy of the active train track in front of my parents house when I was growing up. So now I cannot hear a damn thing. To top that off, they feel weird. Like I poured a gallon of liquid into them. So bizarre what a sinus infection will do to you.

On the positive, I have not wanted to eat in the past 5 days. So I am slowly and steadily losing more weight. Hopefully I will be able to keep it off. Heh. Hey you know I am just happy I can fit in my size 7 Levis without looking like a roll of sausage. In fact the damn jeans keep falling down on me. I have to constantly hike them up.

Alrighty then, I will post more when my brain de-fogs!

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