Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Things I Like......

Things I Like:

*Bath and Body Works Fresh Vanilla lotion
*Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion
*Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena lotion
*Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig lotion
*Emporio Armani perfume
*Clinique Happy
*Yankee Candle in Clean Cotton scent
*Windy Hill Candle Company Candles--any scent, they are better then Yankee!
*Pure Lux mineral makeup--it really makes me look good and doesn't make my skin suffer for beauty's sake!
*Skor candy bars
*Cookies and Cream ice cream--any brand
*Great Vodka--Grey Goose, Ketel One,
*Great Tequila--Patron Silver, Leyenda del Milagro 100% de agave, Anejo 30-30 100% de Agave
*Good coffee--not Starbucks(blech)
*Chocolate Chip Cookie liqueur (OMG sooo good)
*Florida beaches
*LA--was fun both times I was there
*NYC--from what I remember, I liked it when I was a little girl!
*Portsmouth New Hampshire
*the two TOFOG concerts I was lucky enough to attend!
*the people I met at the two concerts, who I am lucky enough to still talk to
*the autograph my son has, from Russell Crowe, melts my heart every time I look at it, because my son was thrilled to have it
*good days with my child, they are the best hands down, better then anything else, ever
*good days with my hubby they too are the best things in the world
*good friends
*being loved

Need I say more?


K said...

This a little bit of a hint for your next birthday? ;)

robyn said...

You so funny!

Nah, just a lowly list of things I like! But obviously, I can't stop ya from purchasing them and sending them via fed ex/ups/usps! Hahahahaha!

Just kidding!