Thursday, June 29, 2006

And This Is Why I No Longer Go To Church

I understand that not everyone agrees that abortion should be legal, but damn it, do not push your ideology on me. Warning, if you are pro-life, I would stop reading. Don't say I didn't warn you. And for the record, I was raised in the catholic cult, I mean church. Which I abhor now, because of the way it views and treats women, and because generally I think it is full of a bunch of old gas bags, who need to STFU!

I support planned parenthood, not because they are "pro-abortion", but because they seek to educate. It is not as if they are standing on the corner, waiting for a pregnant woman to waddle by, grab her and force her to terminate her pregnancy.

Far from it.

In fact, they advocate birth control.

Before conception.

As in wrap your ding dong if you are a male to prevent the baby batter taking up residence in the proverbial "bun oven", and take some form of birth control if you are female, so you don't get said "bun in oven from baby batter launch" and have to have a surgical procedure.

What I detest the most, is the group of pro-lifers, (and by the way, just because I am pro-choice, does not mean that I am automatically pro-death. Far from it. The only time I am pro-death is when some stupid fuck tries to dictate what I can and can't do with my own body, and yes in that case I am pro abortion, post natal abortion that is!) who somehow think that by killing the doctors who do perform abortions, (hello, if you are pro life why is killing a person who presumably saves lives after all it is a doctor, and not just a "send away for your doctor diploma from Omaha City Tech" doctor, an actual medical doctor, who has training in how to save lives, has a family, pays their taxes, and is generally probably not doing anything other then his job? Duh, doesn't sound pro-life to me, but I digress,) they are doing "god's" will, by taking out the evil doctor.




You are murdering an innocent person. Don't even go to the "it is a baby from the moment the donor shot his wad, and some lucky baby batter found its' way to the only opening there was, that happened to be a few cells in search of similar cells, with the same interests, and likes long walks on the beach, and pina coladas at sunset ," therefore abortion is murder, argument.

Nope don't fly with me.

These are the same assholes (yes I said it, you are an asshole in my opinion) who have the nerve to deny various forms of birth control, and sex education to teens, because they say it will encourage them to go out and shag like bunnies in a rabbit farm.

Um, no, not at all. They are going to shag no matter if you give them protection or not. And BTW, for the record, a bible is not protection from pregnancy or STD's. Talk about paper cuts in strange areas, youch!

If these individuals were not so fucking uptight about SEX, kids would learn to use birth control properly, therefore learning what happens if they decide to play hide the salami in the back of the car. Hell I am sure some ( admittedly not many, but you know I was a virgin all through high school, no shit) would even decide not to have SEX, and not just because they happened to be the geeks of the class.

Here is an idea MORONS, teach kids how to protect themselves so they don't end up knocked up and wanting an abortion so preacher daddy doesn't find out.

Here is an idea, take your collective heads, from your collective asses, and realize people like to have SEX.

It feels good.

Maybe you should try it.

Oh I forgot, sex is for procreation purposes only.

Well hey my middle finger is for telling you narrow minded fuckers to fuck off, and get you heads and laws out of my vagina. If I wanted you there, I would have invited your narrow minded, small cocked asses into my bed. I however have higher standards then that, which would allow me to even think of doing that. GAG, PUKE.

Oh yeah comparing Warren Buffet to Josef Mengele, is absolutely ridonculous (my word). Give me a fucking break.

That would be like me saying George Bush is just like Einstein.

Here is the article that got me started on this rant. Also know that I am tired of seeing your "Love them both," pro-life stickers, and "abortion, america's holocaust" stickers on your cars. If you are so offended by it, go out and start adopting up the kids that are not wanted because the abortion didn't take place. Any takers on that proposal? No? Didn't think so.

Why Rabid Pro-lifers Piss Me Off!

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K said...

Not everyone who is pro life or goes to church is "rabid"...why do you read this stuff if it's only going to irritate you? It's just not worth it.