Friday, June 30, 2006

Ok, Here Is My Answer!

This is a comment from my previous post. Instead of allowing it to just be answered in the comment section, I thought I would write my response here. Again, this is my opinion, my blog, and if I offend people, well, I guess I am sorry that you are offended, however I am not sorry that I feel the way I feel.
Not everyone who is pro life or goes to church is "rabid"...why do you read this stuff if it's only going to irritate you? It's just not worth it.
I well understand that not everyone who is pro-life, or a church goer, is rabid in their beliefs. However, the rabid ones are the ones who unfortunately make the headlines. And frankly, it pisses me off that someone would compare Warren Buffet to Josef Menegele. In fact I am flabbergasted that someone could actually even make that comparison as Mengele was a truly evil man. Read about him here. Or read this. Or this, this is a site all about what he did to children. Awful! Why? Because he supports planned parenthood. Sadly though, this is the only thing some people will hear about him, and therefore despise him for it. They won't hear about the other things he supports, or even realize that after he dies, most of his vast fortunes are going to be donated to many organizations, that help people better themselves. A little about him here. As for why I read these things, well I like to know what is going on in the world. So when I saw the headline on CNN that said "priest compares Buffett to Nazis" I was seriously interested. I had no idea that it would be because of his contributions to PP. And to be honest, to compare anyone to a Nazi, unless they are in fact a Nazi, is just a horrendous misuse of the word, and it takes away from what the word really means. I understand everyone has different views on this "hot button" topic, but the thing is, we are all allowed to have an opinion. The priest in question had a right, because of the first amendment, no matter how awful the comparison, to say what he said. I have a right to my contrary opinion, and you know, since it is my blog, and the name of the blog has the word rant in it, I thought I would rant about something I thought was really shitty. And yes it is a topic that does irritate me to some extent, but you know, after I wrote that, it was gone and out of my system. I actually went to bed, right after I wrote that post. I know people will hate me for my beliefs, and that is sad. I don't hate someone because they think abortion should be outlawed. I am upset and fearful mostly. Believe what you want to believe, but when you decide to cast stones about it, be prepared to have some cast right back at you. And yes I know that this is a two way thing, and I fully expect people to froth over this, because of my opinion. That is the beauty of living in the country we live. We can all argue about this peacefully, mind you, until we are blue in the face! :)


K said...

To hate someone because of differing view points means lack of respect for that person as a whole in my opinion. I don't hate anyone, least of all you. I totally respect you and your opinions otherwise I wouldn't read your blog at all. Level headed individual can have opposing opinions and beliefs and still have really great friendships. :)

robyn said...


I don't think you hate me! I just thought you brought up a valid point, and instead of having it lost in the void that is the comment section, because let's face it, no one really looks here, I would explain myself, without the emotion getting in the way!

I agree that people can have opposing viewpoints and be friends!

Difference is what makes the world go round, right?


Michael Jr. said...

Well I hate the religous folk, and I do not respect them at all. Anyone who chooses to believe in something so silly deserves hatred, abuse, and pain. This may sound extreme, but I do not believe they would look upon me with mercy either, so die you pigs, die!!

K said...

Michael~Hate is a pretty strong word to use and even a far worse emotion that can make a person miserable, I'm sorry you feel that way.

Michael Jr. said...

Actually, I feel great. My hate towards you special people has been liberating. No longer do I hide my contempt for you and the like, I scream obscenities at you as you enter your places of hypocrisy, I preach the truth about god to all who will listen, and if they don't like it...I use other means of persuasion. I hate you and your dumb face, I hate the fact that people like you believe in something non-existent, and I hate that you push your shitty, ignorant beliefs upon other. Mostly though, I just love the motivation my hate provides because as long as idiots as you exist, I shall be there to do combat with you. So in summary, hate is not an emotion that makes people feel worse, indeed the opposite is true. Hate is the engine that topples morons, hate is the vacuum that sweeps away falsehoods, hate is what fuels positive change, at least in this case. You, sir, may convince yourself otherwise, and you may believe what you will, but at least you have now been served proper notice.