Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Fall Out From Mowing The Grass...

Oh good lord my eye itches. Yes just one. Feels like a stabbing itch in the corner of my eye, and try as I might, I just cannot get it to go away. I rub. I scratch. It still itches. It almost hurts, that is how intense the itch is.

Then I have the itchy on my arms. OMG. When I mowed yesterday, I think I must have mowed over areas of mold. Which because they were mowed over, got sprayed everywhere, and so I am one big ball of itchy goodness.

Aye Carumba.

I should really be cleaning instead of surfing the net, or writing in my blog. I just don't feel like getting off my lazy ass. This will be my last day of peace until the fall. So I am trying to enjoy it. I would go back to bed, except the termite guy is supposed to come and check out the house to make sure the termites have not come back for lunch. Heh.

I suppose I will post more later when my brain decides to work a little better!

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