Tuesday, June 06, 2006

School's Out, School's Out, The Teachers Let The Monkeys Out.....

Remember that particular rhyme?

Used to sing it every year on the last day of school. Makes me wonder if my son might know it. Probably not, or else he would be singing it.

Over and over again.

Particularly the part that goes:
"One went up the teachers dress...."

Yeah he would latch on to that phrase instantly. He is girl crazy already. He is also an ornery little cuss to boot.

Yesterday after school he and his best friend went swimming at the best friends grandma's house. They brought his older brother and a couple friends.

One of which was a girl who I guess is about 12. Just starting to show the signs of the oncoming of hormones and puberty. Yep, she is starting to, shall I say, blossom? Yes.

She no longer has the androgynous body of a little child. She is starting to get curves.

I add all of this because my husband observed our son staring at the budding boobage on this girl.

He also observed my son grabbing her butt, in that playful way that 7 year olds have.

I am not sure if he knew the significance ass grabbing usually has or not. I want to think he was just being a seven year old who was horsing around and it happened to be a girl.

Thing is, I am pretty sure he knew what he was doing. The girl said nothing, I think she might have encouraged him a bit, as she seems a bit flirty. I am just amazed at how early children seem to be aware of the differences between the sexes.

I was completely clueless when I was a child, hell I was clueless in high school.

Seriously clueless. To the point that when I graduated, I still had no idea what a penis looked like, let alone what it felt like.

The kids in my class, on graduation night all said the same thing to me, since I was apparently the only virgin in the class.

"Stay good."


"Don't go screw someone. Stay the predictable boring girl you are."

I did.

I didn't loose my virginity until I met my husband. Suffice it to say, I now know about the birds and the bees, and beyond.

So it just amazes me how sheltered and naive I was and how children today are not.

I suppose TV, and movies, and music have a huge influence on youth today. What with everything being sexualized, it is hard to not hear about sex in some shape or form. Even in the animated kids movies, they have humor directed at the parents in the audience. Most of the time the kids don't really get it, but sometimes, they do.

Not really sure why this blog post went where it went, except that it was a stream of consciousness, or something like that!

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