Monday, June 19, 2006

Gardening Is Hard Work....

Just got done digging up and tearing out weeds from one of the flower beds in front of my house. Holy cow, talk about a work out. Good god, it was brutal.

I have little to no upper body strength, I think because of the boobage, and since I have a permanently screwed up knee, my lower body strength is iffy at best. Needless to say, I am beat.

I think I may be sun burned too. Forgot the sunscreen, and well it was sunny. I don't think it would have mattered anyway, since I would have sweat it off almost instantly.

Spenser helped me. Which consisted of him trying to do things, and then getting tired. He did however help me pick out some plants to put in the front flower bed, so you know, he helped there, and he did try to dig holes the correct size to put the plants in. Try being the key word, because the dirt is heavy on the clay, light on the dirt. It is a bitch to dig in.

Oh good lord did it feel good to grab a shower after that though. That is probably the best part about doing something as physical as that. When you get in the shower after, it feels like you have won the lottery. It just feels so nice, and calming.


Plus you have the nice scented shower gels, and shampoo. I am a fragrance freak. I love things that smell good, so anything that smells yummy, makes me happy. I also associate smells with memories. Usually of people, but still, a scent can take me back to something in the past quicker then anything!

The bad part about the whole digging up the garden thing, was that I bought new gardening gloves with a coating on them so you can grip things easier. Well I totally did not think to check if the coating was made out of latex, which is not a good thing, since I am fairly allergic to latex.

I think it did have latex in it, because my hands have blisters on them and are kind of itchy/rashy. The skin feels sore too, which is my classic "oops, that had latex" reaction. I will let you guess how I figured out that I had a latex allergy. Heh. It sucks. Really really sucks.

Now I am going to zone out while I think about what to make for dinner. Mmmmm, dinner. Dinner good. Moving bad. Ha! Yep the sun fried my brain!

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