Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring, I Feel Like Snoring!

So last night we went out to eat at the local Mexican joint. OMG the food is just so supremely awesome there. I digress. Anyway, just before we are to leave, it starts to rain. Now when I say rain what I mean is that it is coming down in buckets. Literally. I just am thankful that I was not wearing a white t-shirt, because with the way it was coming down, it would have turned translucent instantly.

We had parked maybe 500 feet from the door. So we ran out. Literally ran, even though I shouldn't and was wearing flip flops. It looked like someone has turned the hose on all three of us. It was wicked.

The temperature dropped like 20 degrees in less then 15 minutes. I thought for certain we would have tornados, or at the very least power outages. Luckily none of those happened. Must have rained off and on all night. I know this because my freakin weather knee was broadcasting its' displeasure with the weather. (that rhymed!)

Today I had to go pick up some sort of hair care product for a research study I am in. It was sprinkling pretty much the entire time I drove there, and drove back. I stopped at kohls, because I want a brown skirt damn it. I sadly did not find one that I liked. I did however find a buttload of shirts for Spenser for next year. The most expensive one was a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, and that was 5 dollars!!! The rest were pretty much 3 dollars a piece! I love a good deal, and this was a good deal. Now I just have to find him some shorts and pants for this summer and next year!

I get done doing retail therapy, and look outside to see it has started to down pour yet again. So out I run into the cold rain. The cold rain that is coming down in buckets.

So it is raining. A lot. My back yard will be swampy. My dog will be muddy. My kitchen floor a disaster in the making. And my knee is still yelling at me that it is raining and the weather is changing.

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