Friday, June 02, 2006

You Know What Sucks?

When you go to get your child's prescriptions, and add your own to it, and the bill comes up to close to 100.00 dollars. And that my friends is with insurance to pay the biggest part, and without another prescription that is going to tack another 40 or so bucks onto that. And that is just for me and Spenser. Add Rob's in and that is another 40 a month.

The one prescription I get, that I must have, are my hormones. They of course have decided that my hormones for what ever reason are now going to go up in cost. They want me to switch over to another hormone concoction. Here is the thing,
hormones + Robyn = not good. It is very hard for me to find the right combo of hormones. It took me about 6 months to figure out this current one is what works best. I am not queasy all day long, I am not gaining excessive amounts of weight, although I am gaining now, and I still want to have and can actually have sex with my husband! If I switch to what they want, these things will be huge issues. Fuckers.

I hate insurance companies. I pay so much a month, so they can tell me, nope you can't have what works for you, but you can have this poor quality, not good for you substitute. Assholes and bastards everyone.

But what can you do? If I didn't have insurance, I wouldn't even be able to go to the doctor, let alone drug myself into submission. They have us (the collective us) by the balls and they know it.

I put a pox upon you insurance bastards! (not really, but damn it would be ever so funny if I could, and then when they went for treatment they got denied, because their insurance wouldn't allow it!!!)

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