Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Mornings--Blah

I am generally not a fan of Monday mornings. It means a whole new week is starting, and your weekend has vanished like a bag of oreos at weight loss clinic.


I slept like crap last night. Kept waking up. Kept rolling around. Would get hot, and then I would freeze. Only to get hot again. Just did not sleep well. I seriously hate when I don't sleep well. I will be dragging

I have to go figure out presents for Spenser's teachers, and bus driver. I have no idea what to get them, as nothing seems quite right. His teachers have been a god send this year. Yes he has two. The main teacher, and then the teacher's aid. They both love him, and have helped him out so much. The bus driver I have to get something for, because well she made sure my son got to and from school in one piece! Also my mil is a bus driver and if I don't get her something, then it will look really bad.

I "blinged" out my cell phone last night. I noticed I had scratched off part of the v in the Verizon logo on my phone, so I thought screw it, just cover it up with sequins. Heh. I like it. It is shiny. Shiny is good.

Oh well, must get moving. Have to take Rob to work, and then come back and get ready to go to the mall to find gifts. Ugh. Hate.The.Mall.

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