Friday, June 23, 2006

More Movie Talk

So I was thinking about other movies I like. I like to think I have a wide variety of likes, but the truth of the matter is, I do not like suspense/horror movies. They scare the living shit out of me.

Let's see, some of my all time faves:

Gladiator (of course how predictable, but what can I say, I love a man in a skirt, with awesome thighs, and stubble :})
The Sum of Us--Really good early Russell Crowe movie.
You've Got Mail--Meg Ryan--need I say more.
When Harry Met Sally--Meg Ryan--see above.
Four Weddings And A Funeral--Hugh Grant--Mmmm.
Notting Hill--Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant--Awesome.
America's Sweethearts--Julia Roberts and John Cusack--lubs me some John Cusack!
Grosse Point Blank--John Cusack--Love him!
Most Love Dogs--John Cusack--See above!
My Best Friend's Wedding--Julia Roberts et al.
Proof Of Life--Russell Crowe, Meg Ryan--Loved it no matter what the critics say.

More to come after I have a good nights sleep! Again, feel free to leave your faves in the comment section!

Night all!


Muir said...

All good though but I haven't seen Proof of Life nor The Sum of Us . I will check them out. I have listed several of my personal favorites as well in my blog (borrowed a few you reminded me of.)

K said...

A few I own and really enjoyed are:

1. Something New-It stars Simon Baker who was in L.A. Confidential. Fine eye candy he's becoming with

2. The Notebook...I love a good tear jerker!

3. Just Like Heaven

4. Elizabethtown..Entertaining and sweet.

Check them out if you haven't already, you may enjoy them as I did.

I loved The Sum of Us and Proof of Life...but then again I enjoy most of RC's movies because he's very talented. I think you'd enjoy them muir, maybe we'll convert you to being a Russell Crowe fan...*evil giggle* Right, Robyn???

Muir said...

I loved Russel in A Beautiful mind and Gladiator. There is nothing wrong with that man's acting etc. He's just so far away.

robyn said...


I think he is a great actor. I also like him personally. But I do think he has his moments, like everyone where he can be a world class ass.

That said, I was lucky enough to get to meet him this past March in LA.

He was kind, and took a real interest in what I was talking to him about.

It was magical, and if I could have babies, I would have his in a heartbeat (if he were not married, I were not married, yada yada...)!

In fact the next evening, my friend got an autograph for my son, and he actually remembered me, and said:

"Where is she? She was sweet."

When she told him that I had met him the night before!

So yes I am biased, but the man is smooth, and he was nice to me when he didn't have to be!

And that is just way to long!


Muir said...

I can't imagine being a person in his position with millions of eyes on me everywhere I go so, I don't make much out of what the press says and I bet I would be an ass too, at times. He must be an okay guy if he's still married with a child and another one on the way. Anyway, he's a good actor and now. from what you say, a good guy. That's good enough for me.